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“Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”

– Peter Drucker

Digital Transformation Projects and the Human Factor

According to a recent IDC study, 80% of the analyzed companies struggle to unlock the potential of modern technology for their digital transformation. In fact many transformation projects fail because they first and foremost put their focus on technology aspects. Although technology is one important aspect, the goal of any transformation process in a business context is not to implement a certain piece of technology but to create new capabilities within the organization and become more agile and innovative. The pure technology change is not enough and will not unleash the full potential of the digital transformation unless it is accompanied by sustainable culture change as well.

Technology Transformation is easy compared to transforming the Culture of an Organization

I believe digital transformation projects need to simultaneously change

  • organizational set ups,
  • leadership principles, and
  • business processes

in order to maximize the benefit of new technological means. Genuine culture change and communication is in my experience a key element to a successful transformation.

This culture change will develop the flexible mind-set which is one of the main drivers for success in VUCA environments. Organizational structures need to become agile delivery units with flat hierarchies, virtual team structures, and networked organizations. Developing leaders and leadership principles from a command and control framework into an open, transparent, and participative leadership style supports engaging people to unfold their full potential. Emotional intelligent leaders and diverse teams in many dimensions are key success factors to foster an agile and digital mind set.

In real life this cultural mind-shift requires high efforts from management – especially in bigger organizations which have grown successfully over the past decades. Managers and teams are finding themselves deadlocked between legacy operations and shrinking markets in their core business.

A well prepared and managed transformation helps management and teams to achieve change.

Holistic support of the Transformation Process

To help organizations to better master their transformational journey, I have founded CAPCON. The idea of CAPCON is to support customers to successfully maneuver through the change process by providing a holistic view and steering on all aspects of a transformational process.  CAPCON stands out with its expertise in technology strategy as well as organizational and leadership change. The mission is to help customers to successfully transform their organization and to unlock the full potential of the digital transformation. What makes CAPCON unique is the rare combination of expertise in technology strategy, organizational change, and leadership. With its expertise CAPCON is able to provide an integrated and strategic support of the necessary change processes.

Especially when it comes to transformational processes, actions speak louder than words. Being pragmatic, hands-on, delivery focused and results oriented is one of CAPCON’s key values for the benefit of our customers.


“Many organizations work with the technology of the 21st century, the management processes of the 20th century and the leadership principles of the 19th century”

– Gary Hamel

Collaboration and People

My passion has always been the organization of collaboration between people. Helping people to work together for a common goal, removing obstacles and inspire them to carry on despite draw-backs and resistance is for me one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional life.

The ability to listen, empathy and understanding different mind-sets of people helped me to work effectively with diverse teams.

Business and IT

My strong interest in economics as well as technology led me to study business administration and informatics. Since then I have always worked on both sides, IT and business functions.

I started my career as a software developer and data architect, worked on the business side and eventually moved back to IT. The experience as software developer as well as business strategist helps me to gain the necessary credibility with the people I work with on both sides, IT and business.

Consulting and Industry

I have worked on both sides of the desk – as IT consultant as well as  in project and line manager roles in the capital markets industry.

Eventually with CAPCON I return back to consulting to share my knowledge and experience and to help customers succeed on their digital transformation journey.

If you would like to learn more about my consulting profile or receive detailed list of recent projects, contact me via e-mail.


CAPCON was founded in 2019 by Andreas Cappel inspired by the enormoues potential of the digital transformation and the urgent need to accelerate the transformation process in the German industry.

20 years of leadership experience in the Financial Services and IT Consulting industry.